Training programmes for Superyacht Crew

The Superyacht Academy of Metropolitan College offers crew training programmes of the highest standards with the approval of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), and the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI).

Either a yacht officer or yacht crew, the yacht training programmes offered at our Superyacht Academy are designed to cover yacht training needs and to provide participants with advanced knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in an industry that is both demanding and competitive.

Training Programmes:

  • Officer of the Watch – Yachts Unlimited Certification
  • Officer of the Watch – Yachts less than 3000GT
  • Chief Mate – Yachts less than 3000GT
  • Master 200GT
  • Master – Yachts less than 500GT
  • MasterYachts less than 3000GT


Superyacht Deck Officers training programmes have been designed by Warsash Superyacht Academy based on yachting needs, so as to produce officers, able to understand the complexity of the particular sector and well-trained to respond to its high demands. Trainees shall gain knowledge and practical skills in three major topic categories :

  • Superyacht (over 24m) voyage planning
  • Yachting meteorology
  • Superyacht (over 24m) stability and safety

The programmes consist of both theory and practice, aiming to enable understanding of Yachting particularities, communication etiquette and interaction within superyacht hierarchy, multicultural environment, health issues and safety, luxury hospitality principles as well as to develop deck crew skills, superyacht bridge leadership skills, superyacht (over 24m) mooring and anchoring skills, yacht maintenance knowledge.

The Superyacht Deck Officers training programmes include certification options ranging from 200GT to unlimited. It should be noted that admission to these programmes is open to young people, who wish to start a yachting career, as well as to experienced people or professionals, seeking to upgrade their qualification and certifications. Experienced candidates and professionals are offered the opportunity of admission at an advanced programme stage, based on prior assessment of their certificates.

Training Programmes:

  • Engineer Officer of the Watch – Yachts Unlimited Certification
  • 2nd Engineer – Yachts under 3000GT & 9000KW
  • Chief Engineer (SV) – Yachts under 500GT & 3000KW
  • Chief Engineer (SV) – Yachts under 3000GT & 9000KW


Superyacht Engine Officers training programmes have been designed by Warsash Superyacht Academy in accordance with the Maritime Coastguard Agency guidelines and the STCW international convention standards and they aim to create highly-skilled engineers, able to efficiently and effectively perform their duties in the demanding setting of a superyacht (over24m) engine room.
Trainees shall gain knowledge and practical skills in three major topic categories:

  • Marine engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Models and methods of diagnosis and complex problem solving on different superyacht types

The programmes include both theory and practice with a broad scope of topics, in order for trainees to familiarize themselves not only with the necessary knowledge of engineering, but also with a range of issues, such as engine room personnel leadership and supervision, health and safety, luxury hospitality, multicultural environment and etiquette.


The Captain is responsible for the safety, the operation and the navigation of the superyacht, while also being the point of contact for the owner. Deck Officers of the Merchant Navy are quite often selected to master a superyacht, as their previous experience in navigating merchant vessels has equipped them with numerous skills that enable them to properly respond to the challenges of their multi-faceted role aboard a superyacht.

The YACHT CAPTAIN SPECIAL TRAINING programme aims to assist Merchant Navy Officers in making a successful career swift and in adjusting their skills to better fit into the superyacht industry demands.



  • Superyacht maintenance
  • Vessel handling & maneuvering
  • Anchoring / docking techniques
  • Leadership & crew management
  • Bays & anchorage places for superyachts in the Mediterranean sea
  • Introduction to yacht budgeting
  • Essential rules & behavior for guest approach

A few words about Warsash Maritime Academy

Warsash Maritime Academy is one of the world’s best maritime academies. As a leading provider in high-quality education and training, Warsash’s Maritime Academy graduates (crew, officers and captains) are trained to the highest professional standards.

Metropolitan College offers for the first time in Greece Warsash’s Maritime Academy programmes of study. Graduates obtain an internationally recognized Bachelor degree, directly issued by Solent University, without leaving Greece able to to meet the international demands for the maritime and offshore industries.

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