Metropolitan College supported as a Sponsor the Career 4 Sea Virtual Forum 2021

Metropolitan College supported as a Sponsor the Career 4 Sea Virtual Forum 2021 1200 720

Metropolitan College supported as a Sponsor one of the major events of the shipping industry.

In consideration of the new trends and demands of the Shipping industry, Metropolitan College’s Maritime & Superyacht Academy, supported as a Sponsor the Career 4 Sea Virtual Forum 2021 and, also, participated in the panels’ talks. 

Due to pandemic restrictions, the Career 4 Sea Forum event was held online for the second year in a row. This year’s subjects were inspired by the digitalization era. The panels focused on the ongoing challenges the shipping industry faces, including keeping pace with technology, adapting to changes and meeting the growing demands of stricter regulations, as well as the tools required to respond to these developments successfully.

Metropolitan College participated in the 2nd panel themed as “The perfect applicant” represented by Mrs Vicky Apostolopoulou, Metropolitan College’s MaritimeAcademy Business Development Executive.

Experts of this panel referred briefly to key trends and requirements for the perfect applicant for the maritime industry, highlighting the importance of soft skills. They agreed that it is now time to embrace these with training. Leadership, resilience, teamwork, situational awareness, communication are among the important soft skills which we need to focus on in order to deal with the new generation which comes with a new mindset and new set of requirements and skills. Overall, soft skills influence the way we work and interact with others and they are hard to acquire and develop because they need time and practice. Also, younger generation going onboard is familiar with technology and new roles will emerge. Technology cannot replace soft skills but mainly technical skills.

They also shared their experience with remote training, acknowledging that in no way it will replace face to face training and many people would like to go back to classrooms.

In conclusion, CAREER4SEA Forum was a great opportunity to highlight the shipping industry’s requirements in order to respond to the latest developments successfully: a diverse, multidisciplinary, and well-trained workforce and a strategy to attract new talents.

You may watch the CAREER4SEA Forum 2021 experts’ talks in the video below