The benefits of working in the yachting industry

The benefits of working in the yachting industry 1433 732

What is working on a yacht like and how to figure out if it is appropriate for you.

Fresh air and sun light throughout the day, travelling around the world in the most idyllic landscapes, elite experiences, direct contact with nature, happy people and positive vibes by the sea. It may seem like a scene of an imaginary life but it is part of the reality while working on a yacht or a superyacht.

Undoubtedly, the yachting sector is one of the most appealing and fascinating jobs anyone could ever imagine to work in. And also challenging, since the requirements for future professionals are many in order to meet the clientele’s demands.

Whether you examine if you could actually make a living as a Yacht/Superyacht Professional or think making a career shift in your life, this article will briefly explain to you why thousands of people choose to work on board.

Travelling around the world

It’s not a secret that superyachts travel to some of the most exotic and stunning destinations in the world. This means that, while sailing, you will also be able to see great places and tick them off your travel list. It will not always be easy to enjoy and explore them to the fullest but you’ll certainly find yourself in destinations that you may never have travelled to otherwise.

Building strong, lifetime friendships

Colleagues are often the people with whom you spend most of your day. On a yacht you are surrounded by them 24 hours a day, seven days a week and probably plan your days off together. Given that most of times you have the same aspirations and experiences, it’s very likely you’ll find people you really get on with. Besides that, away from home the need for communication and connection is much stronger. It is not uncommon for fellow crew partners to built intimate relationships, become long-lasting friends (or even partners).

Of course, as with any job, there are also downfalls. Some days work can be a lot harder and demanding. Additionally, living away from home and missing your own family might also be stressful. Weighing up positive and negative aspects, will help you determine if yachting sector is good for you.

In any case, welcome aboard!

Why Metropolitan College Superyacht Academy is the starting point for your yachting career

Located in the centre of Piraeus in an 11-floor modern campus with first class facilities, the Superyacht Academy of Metropolitan College offers yacht officers and crew training programmes of the highest standards. The purpose of all introductory programmes is to create a deep understanding of how the yachting industry works, which are its main principles and attitudes depending on the position and to provide participants with advanced knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in an industry that is both demanding and competitive. Successful completion of each programme leads to internationally recognised certification that allow participants to pursue their career globally.