The most in demand skills and post covid-19 reality of the yachting industry I Interview with Captain George Parissis

The most in demand skills and post covid-19 reality of the yachting industry I Interview with Captain George Parissis 2459 1825

Despite the pandemic situation and the restriction measures, yachting remains a field that keeps flourishing and offering new job opportunities and perspectives. Captain George Parissis, Superyacht Academy Development Advisor and Trainer is sharing valuable information and career tips. He is also explaining yachting’s reliability, resilience and growth rate through this unprecedented situation.

What makes Yachting one of the most attractive and career friendly fields of the Greek job market?

The importance of experienced crews in the Yachting industry, like in any professional field, is very high. However, the truth is that nowadays experience alone is not enough. Therefore, someone equipped with comprehensive and integrated knowledge of yachting is a strong candidate in the job market. The career opportunities that can occur are better and more interesting in all aspects.

Apart from being qualified, which soft skills are (considered to be) significant for a successful career path in this industry?

No matter the position on board, most yacht owners are looking for someone who is capable to think as a passenger and professional on the same time, a mentality that Metropolitan College’s Superyacht Academy imparts to its candidates. And of course leadership, always leadership! While skills such as creativity, communication skills, a growth driven mindset, emotional intelligence and collaboration-teamworking can make you a great yacht crew member, leadership skills will elevate you even further.

According to you, what makes Metropolitan College Superyacht Academy training courses stand out?

Benefits are multiple. Crew members have a training experience that leads to their professional and personal development. Furthermore, they gain the kind of knowledge that strengthens their hard and soft skills, including the ones i previously mentioned, too. I think that Metropolitan College Superyacht Academy training programmes are a “must” for every professional who wants to be considered “special”.

More specifically, hοw the G.U.E.S.T. training programme could boost a crew member’s career in the yachting industry?

The G.U.E.S.T. programme is an asset for the Interior Yacht Crew! Being the only programme accredited by IAMI (International Association of Maritime Institutions), it provides the standards of training required in the yachting industry and establishes a solid progressive career path for the crew members. The trainees benefit from high-level knowledge and they enhance their skills. Additionally, they improve the quality of hospitality services they provide and ensure exceptional onboard experience for both owners and guests. For all the captains, brokers, management companies and owners all over the world, the G.U.E.S.T. certification it is considered to be a synonym of excellence in respect of the abilities and competencies the trained crew members bring to their role onboard. In other words, it is a prerequisite!

How the corona virus pandemic affected the yachting industry and what’s your prediction for the future?

Almost every industry either has, currently is or will be affected somehow by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The future of the yacht chartering could be changed after this pandemic and there could be a much higher need for refundable bookings and added clauses in contracts. On the positive side, we could see an increase of interest of private charters over group charters or cruise holidays once things come back to normal. We are a highly resilient industry and I feel very confident that we will recover.

What would you advise the professionals or the new entries of the industry to achieve their professional goals?

I strongly recommend that captains and crews leap at the opportunity that arose from the Covid-19 pandemic and rush! Rush to brush up their CVs, rush to improve their skills and their visibility, rush to be ready for when things kick off again! Metropolitan College Superyacht Academy courses are here to transform any threat to opportunity!